Key Takeaways from Operations Management Readings

  1. Before you make innovation, make sure the infrastructure is ready. This innovation might also break your current product tho, make sure you have a backup plan in what you’re going to do with your current product.
  2. Project Management is essential for every project. It requires you to be in control of your scope and keeping costs, quality, and time in check.
  3. There are a lot of tools used in PM, they are usually for general use but they can be contextual too, depending on your project types
  4. Projects usually fail because they do not have comprehensive planning and control..such as Risk Assessment
  5. If you want to schedule a heck of activities, try using the Critical Path Method! Helps you to identify which one is VIA. Very Important Activities.
  6. It is usually more costly if you want to push your project deadline. Use the Crashing Cost Method to identify which activities you should reduce to get the lowest costs.
  7. Big data software is useful especially if you run a big & complex project like creating airplanes, railways, or even nuclear research infrastructure. It’s good for documentation.
  8. If you want to minimize defects in your product through team collaboration, you might want to use the Lean Six Sigma framework
  9. Do not have only one supplier.
  10. Make sure you utilize your capacity to the maximum level to save on costs :D

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